Sales & marketing technology that will make your community come to life.


Transforming the Sales Experience

Pynwheel specializes in emerging interactive technology like multi-user touch panels and touch tables, responsive web design & SEO, and iPad, iPhone, Android, and other tablets and smartphones. We love finding new ways to make your customers ooh and ahh.

Pynwheel creates truly collaborative interactive experiences for our stunning line of multi-user touch tables and panels. We use top-of-the-line design and technology and support you and your product longterm to make sure your experience with our products and services stays current and valuable over time.

Multi-Touch Tables

Our 55" and 100" multi-touch tables boast durability, a sleek design, and unbeatable performance.

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Touch Panels

From 32" to 80", our wall-mounted touch panels come in many sizes and flavors. Pick the one that's right for you.

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Responsive Web Design

Pynwheel excels at creating stunning websites using advanced technology so that our websites work everywhere they need to.

Our websites are built to be easy to navigate and use responsive design, which means that they will automatically reorganize the content for optimized visibility on tablets and smartphones. No extra mobile site needed.

Each of our websites is uniquely optimized for search engines using an eleven-step process that covers everything from metadata to content to links.

And our designs are created by an experienced award-winning design team.

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Mobile App Design

Pynwheel creates intuitive, stunning, and stable applications for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets and Smartphones. We use standards for each device to ensure the optimal level of functionality and overlay stunning design and user path options to create an amazing experience every time.

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Multifamily Solutions

Swoop!TM is collaborative sales software for multi-touch tables and touch panels that engages prospective residents and residents of multifamily communities, increasing close rates and improving resident retention.


We are freaks and geeks who love science, technology, and fun.

Pynwheel was formed by a small group of passionate multifamily veterans who want to turn the world upside down with amazing user experiences. And we're really good at making things easy.

jennifer cyphers

president & ceo

Marketing technology maven with 12 years of experience in multifamily, Jen loves nothing more than to dish about emerging technology and behavioral psychology.

aimee mcgill

director of client services

Neat gal with 12 years experience as a multifamily vendor. Account Management, Project and Product Management for Multifamily projects are her specialty.

steve denis

director of sales

Nifty Sales dude with 10 years experience serving the mutlifamily industry. Holding hands and kicking butt with clients is his specialty.

greg ryan

director of technology

Killer UX dude with twenty some years of experience in his pocket. Greg is stellar at solving problems in innovative ways and transforming ideas into a functional experience.

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