touch technology

Swoop!™ is collaborative sales software for multi-touch tables, touch panels, tablets and iPhones that engages prospective and current residents of multifamily and single family real estate communities, increasing close rates and improving resident retention. . . in one fell swoop.

Make a Statement

Swoop! makes the sales and leasing process simple and fun

Increase Sales

Interactive neighborhood maps, event calendars and more will keep your residents happy

Engage Residents

Swoop! makes the sales and leasing process simple and fun

Touch Everywhere

Prospective residents can save their information on large screens in the office, tablets, and iPhones making folders and brochures a thing of the past.


We are freaks and geeks who love science, technology, and fun.

Pynwheel was formed by a small group of passionate multifamily veterans who want to turn the world upside down with amazing user experiences. And we're really good at making things easy.

jennifer cyphers

president & ceo

Marketing technology maven with 12 years of experience in multifamily, Jen loves nothing more than to dish about emerging technology and behavioral psychology.

greg ryan

director of technology

Killer UX dude with twenty some years of experience in his pocket. Greg is stellar at solving problems in innovative ways and transforming ideas into a functional experience.

steve denis

vp. sales

Nifty Sales dude with 10 years experience serving the mutlifamily industry. Holding hands and kicking butt with clients is his specialty.

steve wiley

director of sales

When Wiley isn’t introducing new technology to the multifamily industry, which he has been doing for 14 years, (or even when he is), you’ll find him drumming and using lots of exclamation points, because life is good!!

duncan burke

creative director

Duncan is our favorite Boulderite rock climbing guide turned digital, who comes to us with years of experience in designing simple, engaging and beautiful user interfaces.